The information technology industry is a complex playing field and our directors take great comfort in the technical prowess of the accountants at Aceti, Falcone LLP. For instance their staff help with the treatment and reporting of transactions related to our intellectual property and with reporting the activity and holdings of our foreign subsidiaries to CRA. We have and will gladly continue to recommend Aceti, Falcone LLP. to any business owner in need of tax, advisory or other accounting related services.

Jason Wong

President of Big Spin Media

The partners and staff at Aceti, Falcone LLP. have a long and proven track record with handling and overseeing Canada Revenue Agency audits. Without their experience and expertise in this area a government audit would likely be a lot more intimidating and CRA more at liberty to reassess our books and records. We highly recommend the services of Aceti, Falcone LLP.

Enzo Scozzari

CEO of Adeste Global Managed Network

I rely on the accountants at Aceti, Falcone LLP. for various international tax matters that require a high degree of professionalism & skill. International trade & investment dealings will raise many questions such as, “Which countries are entitled to tax my earnings?” or “How residency is determined?” I can depend on Aceti, Falcone LLP. to ensure my tax filings fulfill all CRA requirements & that my best interests are given top priority.

Frank Sperduti

Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

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